Are Touchscreen Laptops Good for Students

Are you a student and tired of lifting the load of your bag? Now don’t need to carry a heavy load of your notebooks. Simply replace this bag with lightweight and compatible touchscreen laptops.

Touchscreen laptops are the basic need of every student. These laptops help students in many ways. So below are the benefits of touchscreen laptops for students.

Benefits of Touch Screen Laptop

Here are the benefits of touch screen laptops.

Helps in Notes Taking

The notes taking process is easier and quicker using a touchscreen laptop than ordinary laptops. Students can quickly draw or write strokes and lines using the touchscreen laptop’s stylus. Moreover, students can take more notes in less time with the help of touchscreen laptops.

An application for the touchscreen laptop named OneNote can be very beneficial during class for cropping different graphs and diagrams only by a single stroke.

Notes Taking

Easy to Carry

Touchscreen laptops are very portable. This feature makes it a perfect option for the student to carry it anywhere they are going for class.

No Need to Attach Different Devices

Students can use this laptop easily in class without connecting additional accessories like a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard. Just place its charge in the bag, and you are ready for the class.

Use as a Digital Whiteboard

Another essential feature of the touchscreen laptop that is very beneficial for the student is it can use a digital whiteboard. The students can solve different problems on it to clear their concepts. Additionally, touchscreen laptops provide more brightness and color accuracy for good visibility.

Good for Drawing

Students have to draw different drawings and diagrams. So these laptops help to draw perfect and flawless sketches using the pen(stylus) that comes with the touchscreen laptop. Moreover, these laptops are good for learning Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Illustrator.

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Drawbacks of Touchscreen Laptops for Students

There are a few drawbacks of touchscreen laptops that every student should know before investing in touchscreen laptops.

Not Durable

Touchscreen laptops are not durable. These laptops are susceptible, so you must keep them carefully.


Touchscreen laptops are more expensive than ordinary non-touchscreen laptops. The touchscreen laptop is available for $500 to $800. On the other hand, good-conditioned conventional non-touchscreen laptops can be available for $400 to $500.

The screen catch Dirt

The screens of touchscreen laptops display catch dirt and dirt particles quickly. So the screen needs to be cleaned before and after using it.

Not Good to use in Direct Sunlight

These laptops cannot provide clear visuals in direct sunlight. These laptops are designed to use in dim lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Can a touchscreen laptop be repaired?

Answer: yes, Touchscreen laptops can be repaired like every laptop. The price for repairing the laptop damage varies according to the nature of the damage.

Question No 2: Does Chromebook have a touchscreen?

Answer: Yes, many Chromebooks come with a touchscreen. If your Chromebook comprises a non-touchscreen display, you can easily convert it into a touchscreen display.

Final Words

So the question are touchscreen laptops good for students is discussed thoroughly. Every student must have a touchscreen laptop to make the learning and notes taking process fun.

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