can a touch screen laptop be repaired

Touch screen laptops are not durable, and ultimately, they break easily. So laptop users want to know can a touch screen laptop be repaired. Like every electronic device, we can repair touch screen laptops as well.

This blog is all about fixing the touch screen laptop. So if you are interested in the procedure, you must read the blog carefully.

How to Fix a Broken Touch Screen Laptop?

You have to face various challenges while repairing touch screen laptops. As some touch screen laptops display can easily disassemble from the bezel. On the other hand, in some touch screen laptops, the touch screen is the main part of LCD assembly. In such laptops, the LEC also needs to be replaced with the screen if it is not damaged.

can touchscreen laptop be repaired

In some cases, the entire upper part of the laptop must be replaced, as it is only possible to fix the laptop by replacing the entire upper part. Below are the steps to fix the broken screen of the laptop.

  • The first step is to choose the touch screen repair kit according to the laptop model.
  • The next step is to remove the bezel. Unscrew the screws that hold the LCD panel together. In some laptops, the screws are covered with cushions. While most bezel snaps onto the lid directly.
  • After removing the screw, use a blade tool from the kit to make the bottom corner loose.
  • Use a spudger tool. It helps to make a way around the bezel.
  • Remove the screws that attach the broken LED to the lid. After removing the lid, disconnect all the cables attached to it.
  • Now replace the broken screen with the compatible new LCD screen

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Which Screen Should I Use With My Laptop?

Note the manufactured note, label, and model number from the broken LED screen. This information is crucial to get a new LED screen for your laptop.

  • After choosing the right LED screen for the laptop. Connect the cables with a new panel. Use the same security to secure the panel.
  • Before reinstalling the bezel, make sure to check the new panel first. Turn on the laptop and check whether the touch screen is working. If it is working, then install the bezel.

Laptop Screen Repair Kit

The most important step in repairing the broken touch screen of the laptop is to pick the right laptop screen repair kit. Below I mention a few well-known and useful kits for repairing the laptop’s touch screen.

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Laptop Screen Replacement Kit by Screen Surgeon

This screen kit comes with a PH0 Philips screwdriver. There are pair of metal tweezers to remove the stuck screws and cables and a hobby knife. This kit is budget friendly and available at $10.00.

11 Piece Tool Kit by Startech

This kit is my favorite. It comes with all the necessary tools for repairing the touch screen laptop. It comprises a tube for keeping the screws and nuts. A chip extractor, three pong part retriever, and assemble tweezers.

Crucial Things to Remember While Reaping Touch Screen Laptop

If you are repairing the touch screen laptop by yourself, then make sure to follow the precautions below.

  • Make sure to remove all the power supplies from the laptop.
  • All the covers of the screws should be removed and keep them in a container.
  • Remove the screen carefully; the important thing is to see screen should not be scratched by the keyboard.
  • Always remove the glue that is present on a circuit board with a flat screwdriver.
  • A resistive touch panel is better than an ordinary touch panel. As the resistive panel comes with shock-resistive glass.
  • Using a glass protective over the screen minimizes the chances of damage.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Can a touch screen laptop Use a mouse?

Answer: It is not mandatory to use an additional mouse with the touch screen laptop. You can attach ye mouse if you want to.

Question No 2: Why touch the screen laptop not working in Windows 10?

Answer: Sometimes, the touch screen of the laptop is disabled automatically. This is the main reason behind the touch screen not working in Windows 10.

Question No 3: Do touch screen laptops break easily?

Answer: Touch screen laptops are more sensitive than non-touch screen laptops. That is why the chance of breakage of touch screen laptops are more than non-touch screen laptop.

Final Words

The best way to repair the touch screen laptop is to take help from the manufacturers of the laptops. If you want to do it by yourself, then follow the steps mentioned in the blog.

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