Can a Touch Screen Laptop Use a Mouse?

Touch screen laptops are portable and provide fast navigation. These laptops do not need additional accessories like a keyboard and mouse. Here the question may pop up can a touch screen laptop use a mouse?

Many USB ports come with touchscreen laptops that help to attach an additional keyboard or mouse. You can connect an additional mouse to a touchscreen laptop if you want to.

Using a Laptop Touchpad vs. Using an Additional Mouse

The primary purpose of designing the touchscreen laptop is to increase convince of the user while using the laptop for a longer duration. In this part of the blog, I will reveal which method of using a laptop is more convenient for a longer time duration—using a laptop touchpad or an additional mouse.

The touchscreen laptops come with a built-in mouse or a touchpad. You can automatically access them after turning on the laptop. Moreover, the response of the touchpad is slower than the external mouse.

Ultimately if you need a faster response and wind up your work quicker, everything is fine in attaching an additional mouse to a touchscreen laptop. A touchscreen laptop’s touchpad is enough to fulfill some basic tasks on the laptop.

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How to Attach a Mouse to a Touchscreen Laptop

Generally, there are two types of mouse available these days. One is an ordinary mouse with a USB cord, and the second is a wireless or Bluetooth mouse. Below is the procedure to attach both mouse properly to a laptop.

Attaching a Cord Mouse to a Touchscreen Laptop

For connecting the wired mouse to a touchscreen laptop, attach the USB cable emerging from the mouse to any of the USB ports present on the sides of the laptop. After connecting the mouse, the laptop installs the mouse driver automatically, and the mouse starts working.

In case the mouse does not work after attaching it to the laptop. Then go to the mouse troubleshooting section. Click on the troubleshooting problem, and the problem will fix automatically.

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USB Mouse

Attaching a Wireless Mouse to a Touchscreen Laptop

Below are the step-wise guide for attaching a wireless mouse to a touchscreen laptop.

  • Click on the Bluetooth utility of the laptop from the search menu.
  • Now enable Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the mouse from the button present on its body
  • See the Bluetooth utility whether it detects the Bluetooth of the mouse.
  • When the laptop detects the Bluetooth of the mouse, click on the pair button.
  • If both laptop and mouse are not faulty, then the mouse is successfully attached to the laptop

Some mouse comes with the software disc. Install the software first. After installing the software, follow the step above to attach the mouse to the laptop.

Wireless Mouse

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Pros of Attaching Additional Mouse to a Touchscreen Laptop

Here are a few benefits of attaching the additional mouse to a touchscreen laptop.


Attaching an additional keyboard or mouse increases the comfort level while working on the laptop.


Using the additional mouse with a touchscreen laptop helps its user to work longer than a laptop’s touchpad.

Reduce the Chances of Gorilla Arm

The risk of falling off a gorilla arm is less in people using the mouse than a touchscreen touchpad.

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Drawbacks of Using Mouse

There are a few drawbacks to using a mouse with a touchscreen.

Stop Working

The mouse stopped working suddenly without any reason. This may decrease the working efficiency.

Hard to Clean

These mouse are more difficult to clean than the touchpad of the touchscreen laptop.

Decrease the Portability of Touchscreen Laptop

Touch screen laptops are meant to be portable. Attaching an additional mouse to the laptop decreases the portability of the touchscreen laptop.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: can a touch screen laptop be repaired?

Answer: Yes, a touchscreen laptop can be repaired easily.

Question No 2: Is a touchscreen laptop worth it?

Answer: Touchscreen laptops are more efficient and provide faster navigation than non-touchscreen laptops. So if you are an artist, student, or graphic designer, you must have a touchscreen laptop.

Final Words

That is all about the can touch screen laptop use a mouse. There is nothing wrong with attaching a mouse to the touchscreen laptop if you want. The touchpad of the laptop is enough for performing basic tasks.

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