Have you purchased a non-touchscreen laptop? But you are craving to enjoy the touch screen feature on your laptop. In this blog, I will reveal that can you add a touchscreen to a laptop.

Below are the three ways to convert any non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen laptop using different compatible devices. So let’s get into the ways.

By Using AirBar

The first and quickest way of converting any non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen is to install AirBar. Before going towards the installation process of the Airbar. Look at the introduction of this compatible device and how it works.

Add Touchscreen to a Laptop

What is AirBar?

An AirBar is a small plug-and-touch bar. It sticks magnetically at the button of any non-touchscreen display to convert it into a touchscreen display. Using AirBar to convert a non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen is more pocket friendly than buying a new touchscreen display.

Airbar size is different for different sizes of the display. So make sure to check the laptop display size before purchasing AirBar.

Working of AirBar

The AirBar connects to the laptop via a USB port present at the side of the device. After connecting with the laptop, it emits an invisible beam of light across the laptop screen.

This invisible beam of light detects the touchscreen gesture and movements and use them as input.

These inputs provide poking, zooming, pinching, swiping, and scrolling. The screen can easily detect the touch of a finger, stylus, or paintbrush.

How to Install an AirBar?

The AirBar comprises a USB cord that will attach the device to your screen. This US wire comes with the device. Attach the device and Laptop with the help of the wire. Now place the Airbar at the bottom of the laptop display.

The devices will attach at the bottom of the display magnetically. After using the touchscreen, you must disconnect AirBar and remove it from the bottom.

AirBar Works Best With

Any laptop Running Windows 8 or 10 can install this device to convert a non-touchscreen display into a touch-screen display. Chromebook with proper X support OS is also compatible with the AirBar.

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By using Hello X3

Purchase a box of Hello X3 from any market, convert a non-touch-screen laptop into a touchscreen, and enjoy easy sketching, navigation, and drawing. The package contains a touch mat, a hello X3 device, a user manual, micro USB cables, a sensor, and a touch pen. This device can be used for every non-touchscreen laptop.

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Hello X3

How to Install Hello X3 Device

A USB wire connects the hello x3 device to the laptop screen. After connecting the device to the laptop, attach the Hello X3 at the top corner of the screen. You will see the details of the software installation of the device from the user manual.

After installing the software described in the user manual, calibrate the screen by pressing the pen over the points on the screen given by the software. Now you have successfully converted the non-touchscreen display of your laptop into a touchscreen laptop display.

Purpose of the mat in Hello X3 Kit

The mat helps in drawing. To use the mat properly for drawing, Go to the software and select the desktop option. Now calibrate the mat by pressing over the points present on the mat. After calibrating, it is ready to use.

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Buy a New Touchscreen according to Laptop Model.

The third way is to buy a new touchscreen compatible with the laptop model. The limitation of this method is that it will only work when the laptop’s motherboard allows this function.

To follow this method, you must visit the laptop manufacturer and confirm that any version of this laptop comprises a touchscreen. Moreover, what are the necessary things that are required for installing the screen? This method is technical, so you must take help from the manufacturers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Do gaming laptops have touchscreens?

Answer: Generally, gaming laptops do not have a touchscreen. Gaming laptops usually come with a non-touchscreen display.

Question No 2: Can you turn off the Touchscreen on a laptop?

Answer: Yes, a user can disable the touchscreen of any touchscreen laptop. Go to the settings and disable the touchscreen.

Final Words

There are many more ways to convert the non-touchscreen display into a touchscreen display. I hope you got the answer to the question can you add a touchscreen to a laptop? From the above discussion.


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