does apple have touch screen laptops

Almost all Apple’s accessories (smart watch, IPad) have a touch screen. Here the question is, does Apple have touch screen laptops? Apple claimed it would not make touchscreen Macs.

Ultimately there are very few Apple touch screen laptops in the market now. There is a prediction that Apple will start designing touch screen laptops in the future. In this blog, I will mention why Apple does not have touchscreen Macs and a lot more useful information.

Why does Apple not Have Touch Screen Laptops?

So let’s see the official reason why the Mac does not comprise a touch screen. The vice president of Apple was asked the same question. He replied in a pretty clear with the points given below.

User Friendly

Federighi said we designed Mac without a touch screen to make its use joyful for its user. The ergonomics of the Mac provide space for hands to rest on the surface. Ultimately users can work for longer duration without feeling tired.

Less Fatiguing

Working on touch screens requires lifting your arm to poke the screen. This act is very weird and pretty fatiguing. Ultimately the Mac does not comprise a touch screen. So that its user can cover their work burden without feeling tired.

Easy to Operate

All the touch screen devices like iPad, smartphones, and smartwatches work by keeping them horizontal. On the other hand, the screen remains in a vertical position to operate a touchscreen laptop.

Ultimately it increases the stress on the arm. That is one of the main reasons not to include a touch screen in Mac.

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Alternate of Touchscreen on Mac

Apple uses a touch bar instead of a touch screen in a Mac. According to the company, the touch bar is more user-friendly than the touch screen. Below are the benefits of using a touch bar instead touch screen on Mac.

Alternate of Touchscreen on Mac

Pros of Touch Bar

The touch bar comprises different keys. Every key show a different interface when pressed. Moreover, this bar provides various benefits. The touch bar provides fast navigation. Every key performs a specific task on the laptop.

Cons of Touch Bar

The Mac’s touch bar does not perform as well as apple expected. The application of the Mac does not coordinate with a touch of the touch bar. The laptop shortcuts are often more responsive than these touch bars.

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Will Apple Design Touch Laptop or Mac

It is expected that Apple will design a full touch screen Mac in the coming years. The Apple developer give gave an attempt to design a touch screen Mac. Unfortunately, the attempt was not successful.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Are all Mac books come with a touch screen?

Answer: No, all Mac books do not have a touchscreen. Very few models of Mac come with a touch screen.

Question No 2: What are the disadvantages of touchscreen Mac books?

Answer: The touchscreen Mac books have the following drawbacks, high price, poor gaming experience, fewer ports, mediocre software support, low web cam quality, and limited hardware upgradation.

Final Words

I hope the confusion about does Apple have touch screen laptops. You are free to ask in the comment section if you want further information about the Apple touch screen laptop.

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