Does the Apple Pencil Work on a Touchscreen Laptop?

An apple pencil takes notes, draws diagrams, and performs other related tasks on an iPad. Here the question is, does apple pencil work on a touchscreen laptop? The answer is yes. An apple pencil can perform these tasks on a touchscreen laptop.

In this blog, there is a detailed note on how to connect an apple pencil with a touchscreen and a list of laptop brands that support apple pencils. Let’s break the ice and start learning.

How to Connect Apple Pencil with a Touchscreen Laptop

Before connecting an apple pencil with a touchscreen laptop, ensure that the specific laptop has a touchscreen, like an iPad. After confirmation, follow the step below to connect the apple pencil to the touchscreen laptop.

  • First of all, open the apple settings on the iPad.
  • Click on the general tab.
  • Select enable accessibility. This step will help you to use an apple pencil on the touchscreen laptop.
  • Now open the application or the tab on the touchscreen laptop where you want to use an apple pencil.
  • The cursor of the laptop will automatically change into the Apple pencil icon.

How to Connect Apple Pencil with a Touchscreen Laptop

You are done with connecting an apple pencil to the touchscreen laptop. There will be no difference between working with an apple pencil on an iPad and a touchscreen laptop.

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Sensitivity of Apple Pencil

Before connecting an apple pencil to the laptop, we should know some sensitivity features of an apple pencil.

Pressure Sensitivity

There is no pressure sensitivity level for the apple pencil. The pressure applied to an apple pencil will determine the thickness of the thinness of the line during drawing and note-taking.

Tilt Sensitivity

An apple pencil is designed to work like a regular pencil. So it should be held at the angle of a regular pencil. Little pressure at the side of the pencil tip provide shading.

Simple Pairing

The apple pencil connects automatically without Bluetooth. Simply plug in the first version and connects the second to iPad or any touchscreen laptop.

High Precision

The apple pencil is very precise. It works accurately down the pixel. There is no offsetting between the pencil location and what’s shown on the screen.

Palm Rejection

When the apple pencil is connected to a touchscreen laptop or the iPad, it will only recognize the tip of the apple pencil. It will not easily detect the hand, finger, or palm touch while writing or sketching.

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Laptops brands that Support Apple Pencil

The apple pencil is supported by almost all the laptop brands that offer touchscreen displays as iPad possessed. Connect the apple pencil with the help of the steps mentioned above. All the laptop brands shortlisted below support apple pencil.

  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Ausu
  • Lenovo

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Can I use an Apple pencil on surface pro?

Answer: The apple pencil is not supported by the surface pro and other devices from the surface line. The surface pros and all other related devices work with Windows Ink. On the other hand, apple is not compatible with Window ink technology.

Question No 2: Is an Apple pencil better than a stylus?

Answer: The apple pencil does not offer pressure sensitivity like the Bluetooth stylus. The pressure on the apple pencil will determine the thickness and thinness of the lines used while drawing.

Question No 3: Can you use an apple pencil on a touchscreen Chromebook?

Answer: The Chromebook does not comprise the smart feature that the apple pencil possess. Ultimately Chromebook will not recognize the Apple pencil.

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Final Words

The Apple pencil can easily be connected to all types of laptops with a touchscreen display like the iPad screen. Furthermore, it is not wrong to say that an Apple pencil does not provide as much accurate output when connected to the iPad as the touchscreen laptops.

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