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Are you planning to buy a touchscreen laptop? Before investing precious money, you want to know is a touch screen laptop worth it. So in this blog, I am shortlisting the pros and cons of touchscreen laptops.

Ultimately you can decide whether you will buy a touchscreen laptop for yourself or not. Let’s start with the pros of touchscreen laptops.

Benefits of Touch Screen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops offer several benefits that make the work fast and flawless.

Helps in Notetaking

Touchscreen laptops help students in a better way than non-touchscreen laptops. These laptops help to take better notes. You can write, take strokes, and draw lines easily on touchscreen laptops.

Here is a pro tip for note-taking, install the OneNote application on your laptop. This application helps to crop different graphs and diagrams during note-taking on touchscreen laptops. Always use a pen for note-taking and drawing.

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Fast Navigation without the use of a Mouse

The touchscreen laptops comprise a touch display. Ultimately it provides quick, easy, and streamlined navigation. There is no need to use a mouse or trackpad to work on a touchscreen laptop.

For the further enhancement of device navigation, you can also use an active or passive stylus.

Touchscreen Laptops Come with Better Screen

Touchscreen laptops comprise better LEDs than non-touched screen laptops. When a person purchases a touchscreen laptop, he is paying extra for the enhanced screens.

Moreover, these laptops are designed with high-quality screens with high brightness and enhanced colors. Furthermore, these touch screens are responsive and sensitive to touch. The size of the screen is usually larger.

Ultimately all the persons who work with colors, like Graphic artists, videographers, and photographers, can use it for color accuracy in their work

Digital Whiteboard

Touchscreen laptops can be used as digital whiteboards. The touchscreen display provides quick and easy interaction with laptops. This feature of a touchscreen laptop makes it a crucial device for professionals and students.

Portable- No Need to Connect External Devices (Keyboard and mouse)

Touchscreen laptops are very portable, lightweight, and compact. The person can easily carry it anywhere. Moreover, these laptops take very less time charging. The flexibility of these laptops makes them suitable for traveling.

Unlike the non-touchscreen laptops that need external keyboards when their keyboards fail to work. The touchscreen laptops do not require any external keyboard in this situation.

In a few touchscreen laptops, there is an option for on-screen customizable keyboards. This feature helps to save money from buying additional accessories for the laptop.

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Cons of Touchscreen Laptops

There are a few drawbacks to touchscreen laptops. These cons may affect your work. I recommend you to have a look at them. So that you will not regret buying a touchscreen laptop.

Gorilla Arm

Using a touchscreen for a limited time is fun and efficient for work. On the hand, using the touchscreen can be the reason for Gorilla’s arm. It is the condition when the arm of the person becomes tired. Moreover, using the touchscreen continuously can hurt hands, eyes, back, and neck.

According to recent studies, using a touchscreen can cause computer vision syndrome and tingle in the hands and arms of the user.

Shorter Battery Life

The touchscreen laptops drain more battery than the non-touched variants. The touchscreen digitizer remains on all the time and drains the battery. The battery drainage is a little severe. In the latest touchscreen laptops, the issue of battery drainage is resolved.


The touchscreen laptops comprise an additional feature of the touchscreen. Ultimately the prices of these laptops are more than the ordinary non-touchscreen laptops.

Less Durable 

Non-touchscreen laptops are more durable than touchscreen laptops. Convertible touchscreen laptops break more easily than simple laptops.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Which laptops are the best touchscreen vs. non-touch?

Answer: Both types of laptops are best in their own place. Make sure to purchase a laptop according to the work pattern.

Question No 2: Are Touchscreen laptops good for students?

Answer: Yes, touchscreen laptops are best for students. These laptops make the note-taking process easy and quick for students.

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Final Words

This is all about is a touchscreen laptop worth it. The touchscreen laptop makes your work easy, quick, and flawless if you are a student, artist, videographer, or photographer.

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