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Gone are the days when we saw only the laptops’ specs before buying. If a person wants to select the most suitable laptop for himself. So he must know about the pros and cons of laptop touch screen vs non touch screen.

This guide includes the pros and cons of both touch-screen and non-touch-screen laptops. Ultimately it will help to figure out which laptop is most suitable for a person concerning its work pattern.

Touch Screen Laptops

The touch screen laptops are designed by using the touch display. This feature makes these laptops different from non-touchscreen laptops. Though touch screen laptops have advanced features that make work quick and easy for users.

Pros of Touch Screen Laptops

Below are a few advantages of touchscreen laptops.

Streamline Navigation

The main purpose of touchscreen laptops is to provide quick, easy, and streamlined navigation. You can perform your task without using any trackpad or mouse on touchscreen laptops

Perfect for Drawing

The touchscreen laptops come with a pen. Using this pen drawing process becomes convenient for artists and graphic designers. Formation of complicated sketches is easier on touchscreen laptops than the non-touchscreen laptops

Good for Notes taking

Touchscreen laptops can also be used for taking notes. So if you are a student, you can now use lightweight touchscreen laptops to replace heavy notebooks.

Notes taking

High-Quality Display 

Many touchscreen laptops display higher resolution. Moreover, touchscreen laptops are best to provide excellent brightness, color accuracy, and vibrancy. Additionally, these glossy touch screens are responsive to touch.

No Need for Additional Keyboard

If the touchscreen laptop’s keyboard becomes faulty, then there is no need to purchase an additional keyboard. You can continue working by using a touch display.

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Cons of Touchscreen Laptop

No doubt, touchscreen laptops provide several benefits. Though a few cons of these laptops are mentioned below.

Battery Drains Quickly

The battery of touchscreen laptops drains quickly. The touch digitizer utilizes a battery all the time for the prompt response to touch.


Touchscreen laptops are more expensive than non-touchscreen laptops. The additional touch panel used in these laptops makes them charge a little more.

Less Durable

The durability of touchscreen laptops is less than non-touchscreen laptops.

Non-Touch Screen Laptops

Non-touch screen laptops comprise their own benefits and advanced feature. So now have a look at the pros and cons of non-touch screen laptops.

non-touch screen laptops

Pros of Non-touch Screen Laptops

Longer Battery Life

The non-touchscreen laptop offers longer battery life than the touched-screen laptops. The touch digitizer is absent in these laptops, which drains more battery.

More Durable

The non-touched screen laptops are more durable than touchscreen laptops. Durable materials are used to design the body of these laptops.

Pocket Friendly

The price range of non-touchscreen laptops starts from $300. So a person can select according to his budget.

Cons of Non-touch Screen Laptops

Though non-touchscreen laptops are pocket friendly, a few drawbacks are necessary to mention here.

Average Look

The non-touchscreen laptops are acting in look. Like touchscreen laptops with eye-catching styles. These laptops portray an average look.

Bit Slow

Except for the advanced and pricy non-touched screen laptops, all other non-touched laptops need to be faster in processing. As these laptops comprise average RAM.

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Touchscreen Laptops are good for

Touchscreen laptops are good for people searching for fast navigation, better color, and vibrancy. You can use these laptops if your work uses different colors, designing, and sketching.

Non-touchscreen laptops are good for

The non-touchscreen laptops are designed to perform heavy tasks like gaming and using heavy applications or software. If you are a gamer or programmer, the non-touched laptops are a good choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Can we add a touch screen to a laptop?

Answer: If the laptop allows the installation of a touch screen in place or a simple screen, you can add a touch screen.

Question No 2: Are touchscreen laptops more expensive?

Answer: Yes, touchscreen laptops are more expensive than non-touchscreen laptops.

Final Words

Decking between the laptop touch screen vs non touch screen depends on the type of work you want to perform on the laptop. Go for the non-touchscreen laptop if you want to work on heavy software and application.

Moreover, touchscreen laptops are crucial for flawless and quick drawing, sketching, and notes taking.

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