Touch Screen not Working Windows 10

If you are using a touchscreen laptop, you might be stuck in touchscreen errors. The touch screen not working windows 10 is the most irritating issue with the touch screen laptop.

In this blog, I will tell you about the 4 most effective ways to fix the touch screen not working windows 10. So let’s have a look at them.


In this method, we will fix the error of the touch screen with troubleshooting. Below is the step-by-step guide for solving the touchscreen not working in windows 10.

  • First of all, go to the control panel. You can find the control panel in Windows 10 at the bottom left corner of the start menu. Here type the control panel to access it. You can also use the quick access menu to use the control panel.
  • After accessing the control panel, go to the right top corner and type troubleshooting.
  • Select troubleshooting, and after that click on the hardware and sound.
  • The next step is to select hardware and devices from the menu.
  • Click on the next button

This method is the easiest and quickest method to resolve touchscreen errors in Windows 10. It will troubleshoot the problem and its hardware. Ultimately it will automatically find out the error with the touch screen and fix it.

Make sure to restart the laptop after troubleshooting. The main thing that should not be neglected while restarting your laptop is to place all essential files in a place.

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Restart Your Laptop

The second method to resolve the touch screen not working error is restarting the laptop. Several problems will automatically resolve after restarting. The process of restating is mentioned below.

  • Click on the window icon. This window icon is usually located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Select this icon by using the mouse.
  • After clicking on the window icon, the main menu will appear on the screen. Here you select the restart button.
  • After restarting the laptop check the functionality of the screen. If it does not work yet, then you can restart the laptop multiple times. There is a high chance that the screen will start working properly after restarting.

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Enable the Screen

Sometimes laptop screen may be disabled automatically. Ultimately the touch screen will not work in this situation. So in case the screen is disabled, then below are the steps to enable it.

  • Click on the start button to access the device manager.
  • Click on the human interface devices tab.


  • After clicking on the human interface devices tab you may see a red or yellow cross next to the HID on the screen
  • The Red Cross means the touchscreen is disabled. Right-click this Red Cross to enable the touch screen. The yellow cross next to the HID is referred to as the outdated drivers.

What will be the Next Step if No Mark is displayed on the Screen?

In rare cases, no mark is displayed on the screen. If this happened to your laptop. Then there is nothing to worry about. Simply right-click on the HID entry box and select properties. After selecting the properties, go to the general tab.

The purpose is to check the status of the device. If the screen displayed that the device is working properly. Then manually disabled the screen first. After that enable it by following the steps mentioned above.

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Update Touchscreen Driver

If a person does not update the touch screen driver in time, then this may be the reason behind the touch screen not working windows 10. So always use updated drivers. Below are the steps to update the drivers in window 10

Click on the window button. The device manager window will automatically pop up.

Select the human interface devices. Click on the arrow button that is located next to the human interference devices.

  • Check if there are any HID touchscreen drivers. Right-click on them to update these touchscreen drivers.

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Final Words

The methods that I have mentioned above are most effective in resolving the touch screen not working windows 10. Sometimes removing the peripheral may resolve this error.

I hope this blog will help you to resolve the touchscreen errors of your laptop. Do not forget to mention which method works for you in the comment section

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