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A touch screen laptop is becoming trendier in this era. These laptops comprise the innovative feature of a touch screen. Moreover, these laptops are more expensive and efficient than ordinary laptops.

So in this blog, I will reveal all the information regarding these laptops, like what is touch screen laptop, is a touch screen laptop worth it. What is the difference between a touch screen and a non-touchscreen laptop? How to check whether your laptop is touched or non-touched?

What is the Main Difference between a Touch Screen Laptop and Non-Touch Screen Laptop

The touched-screen display is the only feature that distinguishes touched and non-touched laptops.

Moreover, touchscreen laptops provide fast navigation than non-touchscreen laptops. Additionally, the touchscreen feature makes these laptops user-friendly and easy to operate.  A touchscreen user does not need trackpad and mouse devices to perform tasks in a manageable way.

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Pros of Touch Screen Laptops

Touchscreen laptops provide its user with a lot of benefits. So look at them to know what benefits you can enjoy using a touchscreen laptop.

pros of touch screen

Good for Note Taking and Drawings

Students can use these touchscreen laptops to replace heavy notebooks for taking notes. Notetaking is now becoming quicker and easier for the student. Moreover, touchscreen laptops are no less than a miracle for graphic designers and artists. Sketching and artwork are more efficient in touchscreen laptops by using a stylus.

Provide more Expressive and High-Quality Display

The brightness, color vibrancy, accuracy, and reproduction of touchscreen laptops display are more than those of non-touched screen laptops display. Moreover, the display of touchscreen laptops provides higher resolutions for a glossy display.

Ultimately this glossy touchscreen is more responsive as compared to the matte display. The people who work with colors should choose these touchscreen laptops to enjoy color brightness and accuracy.

More Responsive and Streamlined Navigation

There is no need to use mouse devices or trackpads while using touchscreen laptops. The main purpose of designing touchscreen laptops is to provide streamlined working by clicking on the screen.

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Cons of Touchscreen Laptops

Doubtless, touchscreen laptops provide numerous benefits compared to ordinary non-touchscreen laptops. Still, a few cons of touchscreen laptops are shortlisted below.

Battery drains Quicker

A touchscreen is an additional set of processing that a computer’s hardware has to perform. Ultimately it will drain out more battery. So if you want to use it more, you must purchase an additional battery to fulfill your task.

More Expensive

The price of touchscreen laptops is more as the feature of the touchscreen has been added to the laptop. If the screen is HD, the laptop’s price will ultimately increase.

Bit Heavy

The touchscreen laptops comprise a touch panel in it. Ultimately it will add more weight to it. The non-touched laptops are lighter than the touch-screen laptops with touch panels.

Not Good to Work in Direct Sunlight

It becomes very difficult to work on the touchscreen laptop in direct sunlight. These laptops are designed to work in dim light. Moreover, these touchscreen laptops can attract more fingerprints, smudges, and dust over them.

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How to Check Whether your Laptop is touched or Un-touched?

In case you need to check if your laptop is touched or untouched. So you can easily perform the steps mentioned below to check it.

  • Click on the window icon.
  • Right-click on the window icon to open the system menu.
  • Here, see the description of the system menu.
  • If no pen or touch is available for the display, your laptop does not have a touch display.

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Frequently Asked Questions About What is Touch Screen laptop

Question No 1: Is a touchscreen laptop worth it?

Answer: The touchscreen laptops comprise many excellent features, like streamlined navigation, responsiveness, color accuracy, and vibrancy. On the other, these laptops also have some drawbacks. You can look at the drawbacks list mentioned above.

Question No 2: Can you add a touch screen to a laptop?

Answer: It all depends upon the model of the laptop and whether it allows replacing the existing laptop screen with the new touchscreen.

Final Words

This is all the discussion about what is touchscreen laptop, its pros and cons. I hope this article will be a source of information for you and will get answers to your questions.

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